40th Anniversary

Commander in Chief USAREUR


On the occasion of its fortieth anniversary, I send the greetings and best wishes of the officers, soldiers, families, and employees of the United States Army, Europe, to the members of 6941st Guard Battalion. You have every right to stand proud as a major participant in bringing freedom to many citizens of our country.
The past forty years have been memorable ones, and ones from which we are now beginning to enjoy the fruits of our labours. Berlin, long a divided city, is now an open city. The Wall, which has been a scourge an a hateful symbol is being torn down.
I served in Germany during the time the Wall was built and commanded units whose main task was to patrol the interzonal border. It is a great personal pleasure for me to see the Wall come down, the border opened, and the German people joined together again.
The 6941st Guard Battalion has been an integral part of the U.S. Army, Europe’s, success as being the “Keepers of the Peace”. Your efforts in support of the Berlin Command have aided that element in its unique role within Berlin. The battalion’s contribution in helping to obtain Berlin’s freedom shines alongside the endeavours of all the Allied personnel who have served in Berlin. The fidelity, dedication, and professionalism of the soldiers, families, and workers who supported that noble cause, ensured that freedom was eventually obtained for every citizen of Berlin.
On behalf of all those you have served, I offer thanks, and on behalf of the United States Army, Europe, I wish your Battalion and its individual members and families good luck in the days ahead.

General, USA
Commander in Chief
USAREUR & 7th Army