40th Anniversary



This year marks the 40th anniversary of the 6941st Guard Battalion.
I take opportunity, therefore, to express recognition and gratitude to the members of this Battalion.
Organized at a time when cold war temperatures were frigid, the 6941st Guard Battalion has set and met the highest standards of competence and devotion to duty while maintaining friendliness, courtesy and correctness in performing the most important aspect of your mission to provide security for the U.S. Command in Berlin.
Today, in contrast to former times, we are fortunate in experiencing a thaw in East-West relation. I know, that you, the men of the 6941st Guard Battalion, share with us all the hoop that this fair weather will continue. But the danger of potential terrorist attacks on American installations in Berlin remains a real one. Through your unremitting vigilance and the fulfilment of your protective mission you help to deter this danger, thereby strengthening our security.
When a visitor enters a U.S. Army installation in this city, the first person he or she encounters is most probably a guard of the 6941st. Therefore, you are the first visible evidence of this command’s commitment to defend peace, security, and democracy in Berlin. I know that I speak for all, for the civilian work force, as well as for outside visitors and guests when I say that you have every right to be proud of your achievement. We are certainly proud of you.
I extend best wishes to each member of the Guard Battalion, both personally and professionally, for the continued fulfilment of your important task.

Major General, USA
U.S. Commander, Berlin