40th Anniversary

Commander Berlin Brigade


There is no better example of the success and endurance of German-American relations than that the U.S. Army Berlin and the 6941st Guard Battalion.
For more than forty years, American forces have worked with their allies to ensure the security and vitality of Berlin: likewise, over the years, the 6941st has helped ensure the security necessary to allow this command go about its mission with peace of mind. The battalion’s vigilance has helped keep our people and facilities safe, and I’m sure, I speak for everyone when I say how grateful we all are.
Members of the battalion welcome our work force to their jobs each day, and often give visitors their first impression of the U.S. Command.
It is no exaggeration to say that the battalion guards are consistently courteous, competent and professional. They are a source of pride for the Command.
As we face the future, this Command is looking forward to a rich and lasting relationship built and mutual trust and confidence.

Brigadier General, USA