40th Anniversary

Mayor, Berlin

For 40 years, the 6941st Guard Battalion has fulfilled an important task by bearing the responsibility for the safety of your American Protecting Power – and thereby, not least, for the Berliners. We must thank them for work over the decades. The 40th anniversary of the 6941st Guard Battalion comes at a time of great change and just a great hope. The period of confrontation between West and East is finally approaching its end. Freedom, to which our American Protecting Power has so long been dedicated, has now won through in the other part of our country in neighbouring countries. The people won this freedom on the streets and, in doing so, were inspiring by our western values. That the island of freedom is now becoming a continent of freedom and that the face of Europe is changing is something for which we also have to thank the steadfastness of our American friends.
Many happy returns of the day to the 6941st Guard Battalion on their 40th birthday!