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06.01.2018 - Kenny M,Adkins
Stationed with Battery C,94th Field Artillery McNair Compound March 1978 till May 1981. 3rd Gun Section,Ammo SGT & Assist Suppy Sgt plus worked part-time at the Starlight Grove NCO/EM Club & Gator Club

28.11.2017 - bruce logan
Very nice web page. Under units I do not see 592nd Signal 54-79 then renames Signal Support. Located at Andrews.

25.11.2017 - JOE ECTOR
I was one of several airmen originally assigned to the 6912th RSM in Bingen am Rhine, West Germany, who was transferred to Tempelhof (Det 1, 6910th ESG)in January 1959. This organization was redesignated the 6912th RSM in July 1959. Berlin was a great place to be in and the unit was a great place in which to work. I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 plus years in Berlin!

06.11.2017 - Carla L Baker
We were stationed in Berlin 71-77, 6912th Scty. Sq. Looking for license plates with 6912th Scty. Sq.or decal with the emblem.RED IN COLOR My dad was stationed at Tempelhof. I went to Berlin American H. S. Thank you to all who kept us out of harms way. Living during those years was a great experience.

20.10.2017 - Bonstedt, Andreas (Luftwaffenmuseum.com)

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