Sp4 Michael Baker

Military Policeman Michael Baker was assigned to the 287th MP Co. West Berlin, West Germany in 1974.
While on active duty as a Military Policeman, Michael Baker had several assignments. These included Patrol 66, "Charlie Check Point" and later, the Traffic Accident Investigator Specialist. Michael Baker was also assigned "other special required and necessary duties." These involved several "escorts" into and out of East Berlin as well as East Germany. According to U.S. Army C.I.D. and the EAST GERMAN COMMUNIST Government: On July 4th 1976, Michael Baker was traveling W/B on the East German Autobahn when his vehicle, for "reasons undetermined," left the road, exiting to the right shoulder and collided with a tree. He died a few hours later at an EAST GERMAN hospital. Cause of death: Massive chest injuries. No further information would be provided by the U.S. Army.

Killed 4th July 1976 East Germany