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Your object in the USA 6941st Guard Battalion Association collection

The heart of every Exibition is its collection. That is why we are dedicated to continually expanding our collection on the history of the Western powers spec. US Troops in Berlin and Germany from 1945 to 1994. We need your help. Do you own objects, newspapers, documents or photos that recall the presence of the Western powers and that you would like to make available to the USA 6941st Guard Battalion Association? In the Exibition, even small, apparently insignificant souvenirs may appear in a wholly new light. We will preserve your personal collector’s items according to high exibition standards. Your object will be in good hands with us!

We thank you for your support and look forward to your personal mementoes and the stories behind them.

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Dear Visitor,
the „USA 6941st Guard Battalion Camaraderie Registered Association“ („USA 6941st Guard Battalion Kameradschaft e.V.) is the official non-profit organization of the „6941st Guard Battalion US Army Berlin Brigade“, in which former members of the US Berlin Brigade, thereunder the US Air Force and US Army in Berlin, the 6941st Guard Battalion as well as interested supporters of the above mentioned can congregate.
It is an organization as well as a connecting link between former members and all supporters.
In accordance with the mission statement of the „6941st Guard Battalion“: The organization sees itself as a „forum of communication for all groups of the Berlin Brigade and its supporters. It aims to maintain the history of the US Brigade from 1945 to 1994 as well as the acquisition of funds and the forwarding thereof to the „USA 6941st Guard Battalion Camaraderie“, providing that these are solely and directly used for the promotion of education and development as well as to maintain the history of the US Berlin Brigade and the ‘6941st Guard Battalion’“.
We are not a state-sponsored organization and therefore gladly accept donations in order to finance the duties of the organization such as our new museum or the annual Independence Day Party. Appropriated donations for specific events or projects are also greatly appreciated. Being that we are a non-profit institution recognized by the local tax department, your donations and membership fees are most likely tax deductible. With a contribution of € 200.00 (approximately $ 275.00) one automatically receives a donation receipt. In this case, please note your address in the field of reference.
If one would like to make a donation, wire transfer the desired amount to the below mentioned bank account (IBAN and BIC/SWIFT), send a traveler’s check or international money order drawn from an international bank to the address mentioned below or by using the PayPal „donation button“. VERY IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT SEND A CHECK, DUE TO THE FACT THAT THERE IS A DIFFERENT BANKING SYSTEM IN EUROPE WHICH MAKES IT ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO CASH A CHECK.
Thank you very much for your support… and you can be assured that the history of the American commitment and dedication to the city of Berlin (the former Outpost City of West Berlin) will be preserved for future generations!


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