1946th Comm. Sq.

1946th Comm Sq.


The 1946th Communications Squadron emblem symbolizes the mission of the unit. The watchful eye of the eagle is insuring flight safety in and out of the lsland City of Berlin. Lightning bolts indicate the communications
mission: telephone, telecommunications center, and air-toground/ground-to-air communications. The blue background is the three air corridors and Berlin controlzone which provide free access into and out of Berlin.
It's surrounded by red which indicates hostile airspace controlled by East German/Soviet forces.


Emblem 301st TCS

1946th CSS

1946th CSS History

1 November 1954 The 1946th AACS Squadron was designated and organized at Tempelhof AB (later Tempelhof Central Airport), West Germany, and assigned to 182Oth AACS Group (later, Central European AACS Region; Central European Communications Region) (MATS GO-172, 15 October 1954).

1 July 1961 Redesignated 1946th Communications Squadron (AFCS G-2, l July 1961).
30 June 1972 Reassigned to HO European Gommunications Area (later, European Communications Division; European lnformation Systems Division; European Communications Division) (AFCS G-97, 15 May 72).
1 October 1984 Redesignated 1946th lnformation Systems Squadron (AFCC SO G-l02, 3 August 1984).
1 November 1986 Redesignated 1946th Communications Squadron (AFCC SO G-O7, 21 October 1986).


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