About us

Dear visitor, I bid you welcome at the USA 6941st Guard Battalion Kameradschaft e. V. web site. The Kameradschaft of the 6941st Guard Battalion members is a forum which offers all former members of the battalion as well as former members of west German sister units, the US Berlin Brigade, Air Force and the British and French security units and also the friends of the 6941st Guard Battalion a place to communicate and congregate.
It is our main purpose to keep up the knowledge about and the history of the US Army 6941st Guard Battalion and the US Berlin Brigade, to gather, keep and make available material on these matters, and to bring it to the knowledge particularly to the younger generation.
For that purpose the “Verein” and the membership with it are of special interest to the younger generation.
Have a look around and browse. We will take every effort to keep you up to date with information and an impression on life within the “Verein”
You are invited to make intense use of our home page, furthermore we ask you to let us know what wishes and ideas to further this site you might have.