Staff Sgt. James E. Goins

An American soldier died Saturday from injuries suffered in the terrorist bombing of a West Berlin discotheque two months ago that led to U.S. airstrikes against Libya, military officials said.
The U.S. Armys Berlin Command announcement said Staff Sgt. James E. Goins, a 26-year old infantryman from Ellerbe, N.C., died in West Berlins Steglitz Clinic.
Another American soldier and a Turkish woman were killed April 5 in the La Belle disco bomb attack that injured 230 others, including 64 Americans.
The cause of death was due to multiple severe injuries he sustained from the bomb explosion, the army said.
Both his legs were amputated and he suffered lung and kidney injuries as well as burns over 25 percent of his body.
He is survived by his wife, Patrocina, who was at his bedside when he died, and a 5-year-old son, Carlos.
Goins had shown no sign of recognition April 30 when he was awarded the purple heart, which is given soldiers wounded in combat, by U.S. Army Europe Commander Gen. Glenn K. Otis, who pinned the decoration to Goinspillow. In retaliation for the bombing of the disco frequented by American soldiers, U.S. planes bombed the Libyan capital of Tripoli and the port of Benghazi on April 15. Officials said the U.S. intercepted messages between the Libyan Peoples Bureau in East Berlin and Tripoli that proved Libyan complicity. Two Palestinians are being held by West Berlin police on suspicion of complicity in the bombing.
They are Ahmed Hasi, 35, and Farouk Salameh, 33. A third Palestinian, Fayez Sahawneh, 34, was released but charges against him have not been dropped.
Hasi`s brother, Nezar Hindawi, 31, is in custody in London on suspicion of trying to plant a bomb aboard an Israeli airliner.