USAF Berlin

Tempelhof Central Airport (TCA) was a United States Military airfield in West Berlin, Germany between 1945 and 1994.
During its operational life, it was garrisoned by the United States Air Force, with units of the United States Army Berlin Brigade located within the facility. TCA was located in the northern part of the Tempelhof district of Berlin, about 2 miles (3.2 km) from the center of the city. It was bounded on the east by Oderstraße, on the north by Columbiadamm, on the west by Tempelhofer Damm, and on the south by the Tempelhof Freight Terminal, in the American Sector of West Berlin.

Air Force

The main USAF unit at Tempelhof was the 7350th Air Base Group under various designations:
7350th Air Base Group 1 July 1948 – 29 January 1993 7350th Air Base Group (1948-1954)
7350th Air Base Squadron (1954-1958)
7350th Air Support Squadron (1958-1964)
7350th Support Group (1964-1973)
7350th Air Base Group (1973-1993)
Other Major USAFE units at Tempelhof AB were: 473rd Air Services Group, 788th Air Base Unit, 301st Troop Carrier Squadron, Part of 441st Troop Carrier Group, 47th Troop Carrier Squadron, Part of 313th Troop Carrier Group, 12th Troop Carrier Squadron, 1946th AACS Squadron,
Tenant units included the 6912th Electronic Security Group, part of the Electronic Security Command, an organization belonging directly to Air Force Intelligence


100th Complement Squadron, Army Air Force (1945–1947)
Army Aviation Detachment Berlin (1951–1994)
US Army Courier Service, Detachment Berlin (1960–1990)